Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Lawyers of the Future: How To Educate Them Today

A useful service blogs perform is pointing people to great articles that appear in limited audience publications and extending the range of those articles. 

Here's an example:

Ann Parks has written a thought-provoking article that makes an excellent introduction to some of the issues now being discussed in educating new lawyers for the future. The article is called "The Lawyers of the Future: How To Educate Them Today" and it appears in the Georgetown Law Alumni Magazine's Fall/Winter 2010 issue.

As Georgetown Dean William Treanor days in the article, “The time is right for dramatic change, and a lot of forces are really converging now."

Parks offers multiple views on the big issues, providing a good overview and way to get up-to-speed on the current discussion. There are lots of great insights and ideas in this article.

The core of the article comes in a section called: "Training Lawyers: Whose Job Is It, Anyway?" where I find the money quote: "The key question that students as well as faculty members and administrators are asking these days is this: if law firms are changing, what does it mean for legal education?"

The article ends with a good discussion of some the initiatives Georgetown is working on. 

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