Thursday, November 18, 2010

Friday fun: Do you like Full Metal Jacket and other Kubrick films?

Then you'll probably love this analysis by a self-taught British film buff who, writing under the pseudonym "Rob Ager,"  maintains a website devoted to interpreting subliminal messages in several popular films including those by Stanley Kubrick.  With respect to Full Metal Jacket, check out the video clip below in which "Mr. Ager" finds a parallel between the hellish interior shots at Hue City and the barracks of Parris Island.  He also concludes (beginning at about minute 6.40) that each member of the "Lusthog" unit in Vietnam represents an alter-ego of the pre-brainwashed Marine recruits from bootcamp (i.e. Lawrence = Animal Mother, Snowball = Eightball, Cowboy = Joker, etc.). 

Ok, that's just one of the films Mr. Ager tackles with his very insightful analysis.  Check out his complete list of film reviews and see if one doesn't open your eyes a bit about a favorite film (it's also a nice distraction right before the weekend).


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