Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An important reminder to be grateful this Thanksgiving - lawyers, especially take note

Below is an important reminder courtesy of Above the Law to be grateful this Thanksgiving, even if your life isn't going exactly as you'd like in this terrible economy.   Ironically, the online ABA Journal Blog published on the same day as the below quote from ATL, the results of a study by a "gratitude researcher" from UC Davis who found that lawyers, in particular, are second only to teenagers in their lack of gratitude.

In light of that, all you lawyers our there, please keep the following in mind this Thanksgiving:

I realize some readers may be unemployed and other lawyers are not happy in their jobs. You still have plenty of reasons to give thanks for what you do have.

Not everyone has the opportunities to go to college and law school, and not everyone possesses the abilities to read, to argue, to counsel and to negotiate. While not all of us are millionaires, most of us are comfortable, and we should not take our comforts, or our health and welfare, for granted.

Molly Peckman, director of associate development at Dechert, in an article for The Legal Intelligencer

Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers (for whom everyone at the Skills Prof Blog is grateful).


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