Sunday, October 10, 2010

LexisNexis rolls out new legal research platform for solo practitioners; other specialty platforms to follow.

Thanks to Above the Law  for alerting me to this announcement from Lexis:

LexisNexis… [has] launch[ed] Lexis® Advance for Solos – the first in a series of releases of new Lexis® Advance online legal research tools. Created through close collaboration with solo practice lawyers to meet their unique requirements, Lexis Advance for Solos is the first online legal research solution built specifically for solo attorneys . . . ."

Apparently this new legal research platform, which rolled out on October 4, is only available to one to two person law firms.  It'll cost a flat rate of $175.00 per month to sign up.   As the online ABA Journal blog further reports:

Lexis Advance for Solos was designed specifically for solos and two-person law firms, according to Law.comand a LexisNexis press release. The cost of adding a second lawyer to the subscription is an additional $140 a month. “Customers can easily budget because the cost is predictable and there is no risk of out-of-plan charges,” according to the press release.

The service is accessed through the Internet and includes: all federal and state case law, including headnotes and case summaries; statutes and constitutions from all state and federal jurisdictions; Shepard’s Citations; and LexisNexis jury verdicts, briefs, pleadings and motions.

Joe Hodnicki at our sister publication the Law Librarian Blog offers his own assessment here.  And you can read about ATL's test-drive, complete with screen-shots, here.

Other specialty research platforms will follow including those for BigLaw and even paralegals.


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