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Former AUSA Suspended

The Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board has suspended a prominent former Assistant United States Attorney for a criminal conviction and ordered him to show cause concerning final discipline

It further appearing that on February 5, 2024, Joshua Nathaniel DeBold entered guilty pleas in Case Nos. CR23-962, CR1378-82 and CR23-1075-76 to Domestic A+B, Assault on LEO, Strangulation, and Obstruction, in the Circuit Court of Arlington County.

It further appearing that Joshua Nathaniel DeBold has been convicted of a Crime, as defined by the Rules of Court, Part 6, Section IV, Paragraph 13-22 A.,

It is ORDERED, pursuant to the Rules of Court, Part 6, Section IV, Paragraph 13-22, that the license of Joshua Nathaniel DeBold to practice law within the Commonwealth of Virginia be, and the same is, hereby SUSPENDED, February 29, 2024.

It is further ORDERED that Joshua Nathaniel DeBold appear before the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board at the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission – Courtroom 1, 333 East Franklin Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219, at 9:00 a.m., on March 22, 2024, to show cause why his license to practice law within the Commonwealth of Virginia should not be further suspended or revoked.

The statement of facts attached to his guilty plea describes his assault on his wife by smashing his laptop on her while she was on the ground and conduct toward responding police officers.

He texted officers

I would suggest you put my thoughts that all of you a fuck yourself and if you want me you can come in here and get me, and I will go down in a glorious fiery blaze. I'm looking forward to it.

INSC reported

Debold initially gained recognition as the principal assistant attorney going after Tarik Freitekh, an immensely successful entrepreneur known for his numerous philanthropic ventures, substantial tax contributions, and involvement in several non-profit organizations, reminiscent of Akon’s efforts with Akon Lighting Africa. Additionally, Freitekh served as an ambassador for the United Nations and Seeds of Peace, showcasing the extent of his influence and commitment to societal progress. His businesses have flourished on a global scale, bolstering his reputation and following. This article delves into the intricate details of the charges, aiming to grasp their potential impact on Debold’s professional trajectory. It also raises pertinent questions about whether Debold’s motivations were predominantly driven by personal gain and the quest for visibility for the Paycheck Protection Program, leveraging Tarik Freitekh’s influential status.

Assistant US Attorney Joshua DeBold: A Legal Figure Facing Serious Charges

In recent legal developments, Assistant US Attorney Joshua DeBold has become a focal point of attention due to serious allegations leveled against him. These charges, which include obstruction of justice and assault, have raised significant concerns within the legal community and the public at large regarding the conduct and integrity of legal professionals entrusted with upholding the law.

Joshua DeBold, an Assistant US Attorney whose duty is to uphold justice and the law, now finds himself on the other side of the legal spectrum, facing allegations of obstructing the course of justice. Such accusations, if proven true, present a grave contradiction to the very principles and responsibilities he was entrusted with as a legal professional.

Obstruction of justice is a serious charge that implies deliberate actions intended to interfere with the judicial process. This accusation raises essential questions about the motivations and circumstances that may have led a legal professional to engage in conduct contrary to the very values they are sworn to protect.

Additionally, the accusation of assault adds another layer of complexity to the case. While the specifics surrounding this charge have not been publicly disclosed, any allegation of assault involving a legal professional is deeply concerning and demands a thorough and impartial investigation.

Joshua DeBold’s case highlights the critical importance of upholding high standards of conduct within the legal domain. The public’s trust and confidence in the justice system hinge on legal professionals’ unwavering commitment to ethical behavior and the pursuit of justice.

(Mike Frisch)

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This article highlights disciplinary actions against former Assistant US Attorney Joshua Nathaniel DeBold due to criminal convictions, including assault and obstruction of justice. It underscores the importance of upholding ethical standards within the legal profession and the need for accountability when trust is breached.

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