Saturday, December 2, 2023

An Odd And Unprofessional Manner

The North Dakota Supreme Court has placed an attorney on disability inactive status

The hearing panel concluded Overboe’s conduct demonstrates the presence of a mental condition that adversely affects her ability to practice law.

In November of 2022, Overboe interacted with the Clerk of the North Dakota Supreme Court in the form of electronic communications from Overboe to the Clerk’s personal cell phone. The Clerk had not previously provided Overboe her personal phone number, nor did they have a personal relationship prior to or since these interactions. The Clerk felt the communications were unprofessional and inappropriate, and when Overboe was confronted, Overboe admitted she was intoxicated when she sent the communications.

Overboe had a second interaction with the Clerk similar to the first, ten days later. Overboe again admitted to being intoxicated and expressed problems with her mental clarity. A short time later, Overboe interacted with the Clerk in an odd and unprofessional manner.

The hearing panel concluded Overboe’s communications and attitude demonstrated a likely substance abuse disorder, coupled with an underlying mental illness, rendered Overboe unable to competently serve her clients and presented a danger to the public and profession.

Shortly after Overboe’s interactions with the Clerk, Overboe submitted filings in her personal divorce that she had “been seeing and hearing things that could be considered delusional. I have been told that I am delusional. I have been diagnosed with PTSD according to my therapist…My mental illness has made it difficult for me to do basic math.” Additionally, Overboe advanced rumors and allegations of inappropriate relationships between members of the North Dakota State Bar and inappropriate relationships between her husband and his attorneys.

(Mike Frisch)

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