Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Reciprocal Disability Suspension Ordered

A reciprocal suspension based on a medical disability was imposed by the Wisconsin Supreme Court based on a Minnesota order.

One complication noted was the the disability was imposed in Minnesota in the face in a pending bar investigation; there was no pending proceeding in Wisconsin

although there was no separate proceeding in Minnesota comparable to a medical incapacity proceeding under SCRs 22.34-22.341 and although there is no pending disciplinary proceeding in this state comparable to the disciplinary proceeding pending in Minnesota to which we could apply SCR 22.16(4)(d), we are satisfied that, in light of Attorney Eichhorn-Hicks's stipulation to the transfer of his Minnesota license to inactive disability status, it is proper to suspend Attorney Eichhorn-Hicks's Wisconsin license indefinitely due to his medical incapacity. The indefinite suspension shall
remain in effect until such time as Attorney Eichhorn-Hicks files a petition for reinstatement under SCR 22.36 and that petition is granted by order of this court. This is the closest that we can come to imposing the "identical" license suspension as the Supreme Court of Minnesota adopted by transferring Attorney Eichhorn-Hicks's Minnesota license to inactive disability status.

(Mike Frisch)


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