Friday, March 17, 2023

Giuliani Post-Hearing Briefs Filed

Counsel for Rudy Giuliani have filed his post-hearing brief in the District of Columbia bar discipline case.

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The Brief contends that Disciplinary Counsel has failed to establish any ethics violations by clear and convincing evidence.

As to sanction, the Brief contends that an informal admonition or reprimand should be the sanction if the Hearing Committee finds a violation. If a more severe sanction is imposed, it should be no more than a 30-day suspension.

Disciplinary Counsel filed its reply brief yesterday that reasserted its call for disbarment.

One would have to be insentient to ignore the societal damage to which Mr. Giuliani has made a substantial contribution. Mr. Giuliani's public service, while alluded to in his testimony, is not part of the record in this case, but he urges it as mitigation. Equally relevant, although as aggravation, are the consequences of his misconduct: the loss of faith in the integrity of elections by a substantial portion of the citizenship, an unfounded belief that President Biden was not elected legally, the consequential claim of illegitimacy of his administration - all culmination [sic] in the events of January 6, 2021. Mr. Giuliani objects to being compared to a lawyer who spied against her country, but he did a great deal more harm to his country than Ms. Squillacote.

It must be clear that lawyers cannot use their law licenses illegitimately to undermine the constitutional system they are sworn to uphold. Rudolph W. Giuliani must be disbarred.

It appears that the reply brief was filed one minute after Respondent's brief. (Mike Frisch)

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