Thursday, January 12, 2023

Casey On The Bench

A Tennessee General Sessions Court Judge has been reprimanded by the Board of Judicial Conduct for comments made to a litigant in his court.

The judge called the litigant a "tough guy" and asserted that he "hoped he would run into him someone like [him] someday."

The complainant alleged the following statement was directed to him

"If somebody called [your] grandfather an SOB we would probably in more than a cuss fight, we would be in a fist fight, and probably to the death."

The judge acknowledged the "tough guy" and "hope" remarks and further agreed that he had told the litigant's daughter to "shut up."

The judge had responded to the complaint by stating the the conduct was a reaction to a rude litigant.

The Board noted that a judge cannot deal with a rude litigant by reciprocating. Rather, "the more tense or difficult the situation, the more important it is for the judge to remain dignified and composed and not be drawn into an escalating situation."

The letter noted a previous warning for "lack of self control in raising your voice and using intemperate words in court." (Mike Frisch)

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