Friday, June 24, 2022

A three-year suspension by consent has been accepted by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

The attorney had registered accounts on a website called on which he had posted approximately 44 items including approximately 24 posts of "either totally naked or partially clothed" photographs of his then-wife that had been taken without her knowledge and consent.

He included on one posting sexually graphic written comments, fantasies and "an invitation for others to engage in sexual acts with his then-wife." He denied that he intended these posts "to be acted upon."

The posts included information that "conceivably" could have led to her whereabouts. 

One post in which face was visible noted that she travels to California and Florida concluded "Hope you get a crack at her."

That post "elicited several responses from other users of the site..."

The then-wife discovered and was traumatized by the posts. She was placed in great fear for her safety as a result.

Respondent pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor unlawful dissemination of intimate images, was placed on probation and reported the conviction to the bar authorities. (Mike Frisch)

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