Tuesday, June 14, 2022

"The Best F---ing Attorney In The Courtroom"

A District Subcommittee of the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board has imposed a public reprimand with terms for an attorney's email to his client's probation officer.

The probation officer had acknowledged a miscalculation error and Respondent had replied in a civil manner.

When the probation violation was heard, "[his] tone changed in court and became angry and aggressive with her in cross-examination."

The next day, the offending email

Don't f---  around with me or my clients again. I will always be the best f---ing attorney in the courtroom. Try and pull that kind of s--- again and you will be begging to get off the witness stand.

One short intemperate email violated three disciplinary rules.

The terms include an evaluation by the Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program, four additional CLE hours and a written apology to the probation officer with a carbon copy to Bar Counsel.

Carbon copy? (Mike Frisch)


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