Friday, January 7, 2022

Suspension For Stalking

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has suspended an attorney for three years for his conduct in pursuing a relationship that was clearly unwanted with a woman he had met at the Berwyn train station.

They had exchanged business cards and had occasional meals together.

After about a month, he sent her a text message that said "We should start sexting." 

She immediately declined and rebuffed his interest in romance.

Then began a series of "sexually explicit and derogatory text messages."

One voice mail proposed a sex contract with an "airtight release" where she would have consensual sex with him pursuant to contractual provisions.

The voice mails intimidated, humiliated and frightened her. He followed with threats of legal action  and filed three baseless criminal complaints against her.

Then followed "more than 90" texts that contained a variety of threats, which the victim took seriously given his law license.

He then showed up at her place of employment, told her he was hiring a private investigator to perform a background check on her and 

Respondent then sent a series of texts in which he said he wanted to have sex with [her] in her office after the employees were gone and described in graphic detail proposed sexual acts.

The conduct culminated in a guilty plea to stalking, a third degree misdemeanor.

He contacted her in violation of his release order.

Respondent was sentenced to a term of imprisonment of two days to 23 months with a mental health evaluation.

The sanction was imposed as of the date of his interim suspension. (Mike Frisch)

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