Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Use Of Unearned Retainers Draws Proposed Disbarment

The District of Columbia Board on Professional Responsibility has adopted findings of fact and conclusions of law of a hearing committee and recommended disbarment for intentional misappropriation

Hearing Committee Number Eight has recommended that Respondent be disbarred for repeated intentional misappropriation of fee advances, and other misconduct arising out of Respondent’s representation of seven different clients. The Hearing Committee found that Respondent accepted fee advances from his clients and then knowingly used those advanced funds as his own before he had earned them, even though he did not attempt to obtain client consent to do so. The Hearing Committee Report also describes Respondent’s consistent and intentional neglect of client matters, failure to communicate with his clients, failure to return client files and unearned fees, knowingly dishonest statements to Disciplinary Counsel during its disciplinary investigation, failure to respond to Board and Court orders, and failure to provide an engagement letter to one client.

Neither Respondent or Disciplinary Counsel noted an exception to the hearing committee report. (Mike Frisch)

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