Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Domestic Violence Suspension

A stipulated six-month suspension was approved by the Colorado Presiding Disciplinary Judge

In May 2021, Throssel pleaded guilty to criminal mischief as an act of domestic violence. He separately pleaded guilty to a third-degree assault as an act of domestic violence and received a deferred judgment.

The conviction for criminal mischief was premised on Throssel’s destruction of his ex-wife’s phone during an argument with her, after which she attempted to call 911 on a second phone before Throssel took it away. Throssel’s ex-wife placed another call to 911 while sheltering in a bedroom with one of the children she shared with Throssel. After law enforcement responded, Throssel’s ex-wife reported a separate incident, telling police officers that Throssel had grabbed her by her hair during a recent argument, dragged her down a set of stairs, and strangled her until she lost consciousness. Throssel was separately charged for the strangulation, leading to the deferred judgment.

(Mike Frisch)


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