Wednesday, December 29, 2021

A Few Good Judges

The Illinois Administrator has filed a complaint alleging that the Respondent made false statements about judges and related violations in a case where he represented his biological brother on a murder charge.

Respondent filed a recusal motion alleging an improper ex parte communication between judge and prosecutor recounted in part below

The miscreant behaviors of [Judge] Linn and [prosecutor] Sussman were, in a word, stupid.
Linn's childish and blistering personal attacks on defense counsel's mental stability and legal acumen, which are vile and gutless attacks on his competency demand that counsel defend himself.
Associate Judge James B. Linn mirrors in clone-like fashion the Jack Nicholson character Colonel Nathan Jessup in A Few Good Men, a narcissist with unchecked hubris freely and knowingly violating rules he considers being nothing more than inconvenient nuisances. That arrogance which encapsulates Associate Judge Linn portends that he will be met with the same fate as the Colonel as well he should...

Linn was spurred on by a truth, namely, the truth in knowing that in the George Leighton Criminal Courthouse as a judge he was without any meaningful supervision, from his immediate boss all the way up to the farcical Timothy C. Evans, the Chief Judge.

In a later motion

Let us change the details but keep the fact of the judicial ex parte. Instead of Mixon we have Jewish females as the affected people, and we have them from opposite ends on the scales of sympathy and culpability.
Watching with a beastly focus was Guy Black, aka “Meatman,” a moniker bestowed on Guy because of his physical endowment.
Guy viciously, brutally and with the aid of enhancements, raped the daughter and to the point of limp exhaustion.
The Mother was forced to listen to Guy’s inhuman panting and inhumane pounding.
Let’em Go realized the Mr. Black, who was a despicable man deserving of the strictest punishment for the crimes for which he was responsible, would get railroaded because he defiled and debased a 16 year old Jewish princess.
What better way to emasculate a cadre of African-American and Hispanic male defendants than to have them prosecuted by white women at the direction of a pseudo black woman guided by a Jewish man, and under the presiding control of a white judge, who in turn meets in private with the Jewish man in promoting the goals of the pseudo black woman?

In a motion to the Illinois Supreme Court

There exists in Cook County extremely diabolical prejudice against Mr. Jackson in this case against his lawyer of choice, former decorated Department of Justice Attorney George Jackson III, by Cook County Judges (primarily Criminal Court Judges Porter, Linn, Walowski and Walowski’s various replacements, along with the woefully intellectually challenged Honorable Judge Levander Smith of domestic violence court).
There is no way that Cook County Circuit Court Judges would dare sit a jew or an anglo in jail for 6.5 years awaiting trial.

Without exception, every single Judge that Mr. Jackson and his Attorney have appeared before at the Criminal Courthouse and before the exceptionally low intellect Judge Levander Smith and other domestic violence court judges, has engaged in conduct to inappropriately prolong Mr. Jackson’s stay in jail, in violation of his Speedy Trial rights.

Another pleading

The May 6th Motion also contained a section entitled “Modern-Day Emmett Till.” In this section, Respondent made the following statements directed toward a female prosecutor assigned to Jackson’s case:

The reality is shameful and an insult to Attorney Jackson’s Mandingo stud status. The white woman is entirely unattractive in general and her white woman traditional features sorely unattractive to Attorney George Jackson III in particular, though thankfully she lacks the feminine hygiene slight body odor of her former coprosecutor, which we mention because that ever present odor, though slight, turned off Attorney Jackson to the specter of servicing any of the white women in that courtroom.


Here we present our invited retort to this Sweet Polly Purebread Plaintiff Whitegirl/Hungry Mandingo Black Stud Utter Nonsense.
Judge Smith snarly and defiantly responded, "That is not gonna happen." When Jackson began to advocate his position, Judge Smith threatened to have Jackson arrested and called for security. While the Honorable Judge Levander Smith, Jr. is yet another Cook County Judge who attacked and threatened Jackson with arrest, his situation demands patience because Judge Smith truly is intellectually limited-at least as a Judge-as revealed by the tree [sic] times in separate cases that he issued incorrect Orders only to correct himself afterwards. From Jackson's personal lens, Judge Levander Smith, despite his considerable intellectual shorts, still had sufficient wit to join, and did join, the conspiracy.

GM Today reported on the criminal case. (Mike Frisch)

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Judge Smith is by far one of the most incompetent judges I've ever had human contact with in my entire life

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