Wednesday, December 8, 2021

An Opinion On The Squillacote Reinstatement Petition

The Theresa Squillacote reinstatement hearing (see yesterday's updated blog post) has recessed for lunch. 

Petitioner's case closed with the powerful favorable testimony of the distinguished attorney Michael E. Tigar.

Disciplinary Counsel may call a rebuttal witness or witnesses and was urged by the Committee Chair to take a position on whether reinstatement should be granted.

In any event, there will be closing argument after the lunch recess.

Having watched the entire proceeding, I am persuaded that the evidence clearly and convincingly supports reinstatement.

If granted, I am  further persuaded that Petitioner will make a contribution to the profession by providing competent counsel to an underserved client population.

Given the espionage conviction, it will take some courage for Disciplinary Counsel to support and the Hearing Committee to recommend her return to practice.

I hope they have it.

Update: Disciplinary Counsel opposes reinstatement.

Further update: the Bar web page has apparently removed the links to the hearing.

My bravo! is hereby rescinded. (Mike Frisch)

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