Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Calling BS

The Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct has ordered a 30-day suspension of a General Sessions Court Judge.

In a divorce and custody matter, he stated in open court that

Judge Spitzer would wade through the bullshit.

And in the same proceeding that the parties  were putting their dispute

"in the hands of a guy who wears a costume" to work, a reference to his judicial robe.


Telling a litigant seeking an order of protection that her "bullshit" would be considered by another court does not inspire...confidence.

...while Judge Hinson may not have intended to be disrespectful or demeaning to any litigant or to the legal process, those who heard his comments have no way of determining his intent apart from the words used. Once such comments are made, the damage is done.

He must complete at his own expense a course in judicial ethics before resuming duties. has a report and video interview with the judge. (Mike Frisch)

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