Thursday, May 13, 2021

Burden Met

Reinstatement has been granted to a suspended attorney by the New York Appellate Division for the Third Judicial Department.

Respondent was admitted to practice by this Court in 2006 and was previously admitted in New Jersey, where she maintains an office for the practice of law. Due to a myriad of criminal convictions arising from domestic disputes and her attendant assaults upon responding law enforcement officers, the Supreme Court of New Jersey suspended respondent from the practice of law for a suspended six-month term in March 2018 (Matter of Chechelnitsky, 232 NJ 331, 180 A3d 301 [2018]). The Attorney Grievance Committee for the Third Judicial Department
(hereinafter AGC) thereafter moved to impose discipline upon respondent as a consequence of her New Jersey misconduct, and this Court granted the motion by March 2021 order and suspended respondent for a five-month term nunc pro tunc to October 25, 2020 (192 AD3d 1453 [2021]). Respondent now applies for her reinstatement and AGC has submitted correspondence in response, stating that it does not oppose her application and defers to this Court's discretion on the merits of the motion.

Reasons for granting

As we previously noted in our order suspending her, respondent has taken considerable steps to address the issues that led to her past misconduct (see Matter of Chechelnitsky, 192 AD3d 1453, 1454 [2021]). To this end, we note that respondent has had no further criminal encounters since her past conviction in 2015, and has no disciplinary history beyond the proceedings that led to her suspension in this state and in New Jersey. Accordingly, we find that she has met her burden and established her character and fitness for reinstatement clearly and convincingly.

(Mike Frisch)

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