Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Petitions Granted

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has granted reinstatement to suspended attorneys in two unrelated matters.

One of the granted petitions involved an attorney who had made false statements

Attorney Bant was admitted to practice law in Wisconsin in 2013. Her license to practice law in Wisconsin was suspended for six months, effective January 29, 2020, as a
result of two counts of misconduct arising out of her work as an in-house lawyer for a Wisconsin insurance company. Attorney Bant made false statements and submitted falsified documents to her employer to obtain reimbursement for expenses she allegedly incurred in attending a conference that in fact she did not attend. She provided falsified documents to her employer when questioned about the request for expense reimbursements.

Post suspension

The referee found that Attorney Bant fully complied with the terms of the order of suspension; she has paid the costs of the prior proceeding; and she has made restitution of
the payments she fraudulent obtained. The referee notes that during her suspension, Attorney Bant has done volunteer work with 4-H and at community-based residential facilities (CBRF). She has sewn COVID masks for a CBRF. She was hired to work on the U.S. census.

The other also involved an attorney admitted in 2003

[H]e engaged in an elaborate web of deception that included creating false documents and meticulously adding fake file stamps and other notations to make them appear to be genuine. He managed to perpetuate his ruses for years, leading his clients to believe that they had live lawsuits pending when, in fact, Attorney Spangler had voluntarily dismissed [one] suit and never filed [a second] action.

A referee had recommended reinstatement in each of the matters and the Office of Legal Regulation did not oppose. (Mike Frisch)

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