Friday, January 22, 2021

Unrelated To Practice

The Nebraska Supreme Court has imposed a public censure and probation of an inactive attorney admitted in 2011

The formal charges generally allege violations stemming from the respondent’s being arrested in June 2018 and charged with one count of shoplifting (Class II misdemeanor) and one count of possession of a controlled substance (Class IV felony). On December 4, the respondent ultimately entered a plea of no contest to the amended charge of attempted possession of a controlled substance, a Class I misdemeanor. She was sentenced to 1 year of probation. She was granted early release from probation after 6 months. The formal charges also state that the respondent was previously convicted of a shoplifting charge in 2017, for which she was fined $200.

The attorney conditionally admitted the misconduct

The proposed conditional admission included a declaration by the Counsel for Discipline, stating that the respondent’s proposed discipline is appropriate in light of the fact that the conduct did not arise out of her duties as an attorney, the conduct did not involve clients, and the respondent is actively working on the personal behaviors that led to the charges.

The case is State ex rel Disciplinary Counsel v. Nowak. (Mike Frisch)

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