Sunday, January 17, 2021

Indecent Proposal

The Medina (Ohio) County Bar Association has filed a complaint alleging misconduct against an attorney admitted in 1987 who has no prior discipline.

Two counts involve the same client who had retained him in October 2017; they allegedly began a sexual relationship shortly thereafter.

He handled several legal matters including her divorce which created an alleged conflict of interest.

He allegedly hired her to be his legal assistant "at no or virtually no pay" and failed to supervise her work.

After they began living together, the attorney "solicited [the client] to perform surrogate mother services for a fee to

fashion a super race of professionals such as himself

Editors note: yes really

He allegedly "intimidated and threatened [her] with severe bodily harm, including death."

He accused her of theft of checks from his office.  She pleaded guilty to criminal trespass of his office and was ordered to stay away from him.

She then filed the bar complaint.

Count Two involves a civil stalking protection order that he filed against her on behalf of his wife.

After a temporary protection order was granted, the attorney and his spouse took pictures of the client in the Walmart parking lot across from  his office.

He called the police and she was arrested and incarcerated.

When the matter was heard

the Magistrate, who presided over the Hearing on the Petition for the Civil Stalking Protection Order, sent a grievance to the Office of Disciplinary Counsel of the Ohio Supreme Court. The grievance, that reported Respondent’s conduct, was subsequently transferred to the Medina County Bar Association.

The alleged misconduct involves a current client conflict and misuse of information obtained in confidence against a former client. (Mike Frisch)

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