Friday, January 15, 2021

Relationship Status

The North Carolina State Bar has filed a complaint alleging that an attorney engaged in misconduct in the course of representing a domestic relations client.

The complaint alleged that the attorney went to the client's home to have her sign a consent order. He suggested a mutual attraction and asked for a kiss.

After "making out," she said she could not "go any further " and they did not have sex.

When Hurricane Florence hit Wilmington, the attorney allegedly stayed with the client at her mother's house and they had sex.

He then filed the divorce action and handled the matter until its conclusion.

It is alleged that the attorney was married and "gave [the client] various excuses about why he hadn't separated from his wife."

He then allegedly falsely told the client that his wife had discovered the affair and threatened to sue her for alienation of affection.

He allegedly lived with the client after he had separated from his spouse but "decided that the relationship wasn't going anywhere."

She found out it was over when she visited his Facebook page and saw he listed his "relationship status" to a relationship with someone else. (Mike Frisch)

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