Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Ohio Charges Sex With Two Clients

The Ohio Disciplinary Counsel has filed a complaint alleging that an attorney had sexual relations with two clients in matters assigned to him by his law firm.

One matter involved a divorce and custody of three minor children who lived with their father in Lakewood Ohio. The client lived in California and worked in a rehabilitation center. 

They allegedly exchanged "inappropriate and sexually suggestive messages to each other."

When she came to Ohio for a hearing, they allegedly had sex in her hotel room.

He allegedly promised her that they would be together with her children. She quit her job and planned to move to Ohio.

He then allegedly told her that he was "playing" with her and asked her to let him finish the representation.

She complained to the firm, which removed him from the case and fired him shortly thereafter.

The second client was a defendant in a domestic violence case. 

After a court hearing, they allegedly had dinner and a movie .

They flirted, which led to "intimate physical contact in respondent's car."  They allegedly had sex in his apartment.

She filed a grievance after they broke up. (Mike Frisch) 


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I thought we would see no more of these cases after I published my UK/CLE SEX WITH CLIENTS in 3D (no sex in it, but it is 3D). Unfortunately I was unable to stamp out this kind of conduct. How could I have failed?

Posted by: Rick Underwood | Dec 4, 2020 5:09:51 AM

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