Thursday, December 3, 2020

Another Ohio Sex With Client Charge

Another day, another Ohio attorney charged with having an unethical sexual relationship with a domestic relations client. 

Disciplinary Counsel alleges that the matter was assigned to the attorney by his law firm.

The lawyer and client allegedly "flirted" with each other which resulted in text messages that are recited in the complaint

Client: I've been daydreaming of you all day and me naked moaning and anything to add to that vision?

Lawyer: Well now I'm thinking of you naked and I've forgotten my name...well that and my mouth and tongue running over every inch of your body.

Client: You have no idea how much I want you right now...not to mention how I want you...and where I want you.

Lawyer: The vivid images keep flashing in my mind. All those things sound amazing.

Client: the second I see you walk through the door...your clothes...on the excuses. Have a good night.

The complaint alleges that they had sexual relations several times at her home and at a motel.

The attorney withdrew from the representation but the client stayed with the firm. She disclosed the relationship to a firm paralegal. 

The attorney allegedly falsely told the client that he was separated from his spouse and that she lived in another state.

When the client learned otherwise, she notified the spouse of the relationship via Facebook.

The complaint further alleges that the attorney falsely denied the sexual relationship to the firm and Disciplinary Counsel. (Mike Frisch)

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