Thursday, November 5, 2020

Interim Suspension Of Convicted Judge

The Louisiana Supreme Court has ordered the interim suspension of a judge.

WBRZ2 reported

A Louisiana judge was convicted Saturday of four sex crimes involving juveniles.

Prosecutors said Perilloux groomed friends of his daughters as young as 14 and inappropriately touched several of them. Perilloux denied touching any of the girls, who he said were like daughters to him.

The verdicts ended a trial in which three young women alleged state District Judge Elzey “Jeff” Perilloux touched them inappropriately. Perilloux denied the accusations as did his two daughters, who were present at the time of some of their father’s alleged crimes, The Times Picayune/The New Orleans Advocate reported.

The six-member jury deliberated for an hour before finding Perilloux, 53, guilty on three felony counts of indecent behavior with a juvenile. All of them were underage teens at the time of the episodes, which occurred during Perilloux’s first year in office.

Judge Dennis Waldron found Perilloux guilty of a fourth count, misdemeanor sexual battery.

Waldron scheduled sentencing for Oct. 15. The felony counts of indecent behavior with a juvenile carry sentences of up to seven years in prison.

Perilloux’s trial began Tuesday in the same courtroom where he was sworn in as a judge for the 40th Judicial District. He has been suspended for more than two years pending the outcome of the criminal case.

From The Advocate

The verdicts ended an emotional trial that pitted the testimony of three young women who each said the 40th Judicial District judge touched them inappropriately, against denials from Perilloux and his two daughters, who had been present for some of their father’s crimes...

In two of the three felony charges, Perilloux was convicted of inappropriately touching a 15-year-old girl who had been best friends with one of his daughters. The crimes occurred during two separate back massages, in May and June 2017. During one, she testified, he reached over and held a hand over her breast for 15 to 20 seconds.

Also in June of that year, a 14-year-old girl would later tell authorities, Perilloux rubbed sunscreen all over her body against her wishes after she’d repeatedly said she could do it herself. The girl told State Police that Perilloux had grabbed her shorts while he held a running water hose, attempting to place it down her shorts, although she testified over the week-long trial that she couldn’t remember whether he’d actually touched her shorts.

The misdemeanor sexual battery conviction stems from the testimony of a woman who said she was 17 when she endured Perilloux rubbing Vick’s VapoRub liberally across the top of her breasts after she had applied it to her throat. She said the judge did so as he stood in his underwear with no shirt in his LaPlace kitchen.

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