Saturday, October 10, 2020

Social Distancing Allegation Cooperation At Issue In Vermont

Vermont has one of the most accessible and transparent bar discipline web pages as evidenced by the below links to the filed documents in a recent matter.

The case involves accusations that the attorney failed to respond to Disciplinary Counsel's request for information in a matter where she allegedly had pulled a gun on a store clerk over a social distancing sign. 

The attorney's answer denies misconduct, noting that the attorney has pleaded not guilty to criminal charges and alleges that Disciplinary Counsel  "appears to have insufficient training for her position given her misunderstanding of legal rights under the U.S. and Vermont Constitutions." 

The answer challenges Disciplinary Counsel's factual averments concerning their communications. 

Our prior coverage of the underlying matter is linked here. 

Legus, Carrie J.
Respondent’s Counsel:  Self
Disciplinary Counsel: Sarah Katz
Docket Number: PRB Docket No. 2020-102
Status: ASSIGNED TO HEARING PANEL. On September 9, 2020 a Petition of Misconduct was filed. Hearing Panel was assigned on September 15, 2020. Respondent is self-represented. Respondent filed an Answer on September 29, 2020.


PRB No. 2020-102 - Legus, Carrie - HP 7 Assignment Letter - 20-0914.pdf

PRB No. 2020-102 - Legus_Carrie - Petition of Misconduct - 20-0909.pdf'

PRB No. 2020-102 - Legus_Carrie - FL - Petition of Misconduct - 20-0909.pdf

PRB No. 2020-102 - Legus_Carrie - C of S - Petition of Misconduct - Sheriff's Record of Attempts - 20-0922.pdf

PRB No. 2020-102 - Legus_Carrie - C of S - Petition of Misconduct - 20-0922.pdf

PRB No. 2020-102 - Legus_Carrie - Answer to Petition - 20-0929.pdf

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