Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Initials And Tobacco

The Georgia Supreme Court decided two bar discipline matters on Monday.

The court accepted the voluntary license revocation based on a no contest plea

After initially being indicted on one count of forgery in the first degree based on her act of knowingly signing a judge’s initials to a clarifying order without having obtained his express permission, Rogan entered a negotiated plea of nolo contendere to obstruction of officers in violation of OCGA § 16-10-24, pursuant to the First Offender Act, OCGA § 42-8-60. Rogan admits that by virtue of her plea, she violated Rules 4.1 (a), 8.4 (a) (3), 8.4 (a) (4), and 8.4 (a) (8), of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct found in Bar Rule 4- 102 (d). reported on the criminal case as did the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The second matter also involved voluntary revocation

Otuonye was convicted in the Superior Court of Mitchell County on one felony count of Criminal Attempt to Furnish Prohibited Items (tobacco) to Inmates in violation of OCGA § 42-5-18, and sentenced to five years, serve two. Thereafter, this Court accepted his petition for voluntary suspension of license pending appeal. See In the Matter of Otuonye, 302 Ga. 374 (806 SE2d 524) (2017). The Court of Appeals ultimately affirmed his criminal convictions in an unpublished opinion. See Otuonye v. State, A19A0437 (Ga. App. May 30, 2019), cert. denied, S19C1443 (Jan. 13, 2020).

Revocation is "tantamount to disbarment. (Mike Frisch)

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