Wednesday, July 22, 2020

"A Clear Pattern Of Neglect"

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has adopted a referee's proposed sanction of a two-year suspension and restitution 

the Minnesota Supreme Court suspended Attorney Petros' Minnesota law license for misconduct that included submitting false evidence and making false statements to the Director of the Minnesota Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility; failing to notify a client of a hearing; lying to the court through an associate and failing to correct the misrepresentations he caused to be made to the court; failing to timely notify clients of their appeal rights and that he would not file an appeal on their behalf; and failing to diligently pursue a client's case, communicate with that client, and timely return the client's property.

In Wisconsin he had been reprimanded in 2017.


This disciplinary proceeding commenced on March 21, 2019, when the OLR filed a complaint against Attorney Petros alleging 17 counts of professional misconduct. Referee Beatty was appointed. On June 27, 2019, the OLR amended its complaint to allege 24 counts of misconduct relating to seven client matters.

The attorney pled no contest to all of the charges.

The referee observed: "[a]ll of [Petros'] violations have occurred in a relatively few years by an attorney who began his practice of law in 2009" and the "violations are exceedingly serious, given their breadth and nature and [Petros'] history."


The undisputed facts show a clear pattern of neglect by Attorney Petros of his clients' needs and objectives and disregard of his obligations as an attorney. We agree with the referee's recommendation that the seriousness of Attorney Petros' misconduct demonstrates that his law license must be suspended for a period of two years, to protect the public, courts, and legal system from the attorney's repetition of the misconduct; to impress upon Attorney Petros the seriousness of his misconduct; and to deter other attorneys from engaging in similar misconduct.

(Mike Frisch)

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