Saturday, July 4, 2020

Former Prosecutor Consents To Disbarment

The Tennessee Supreme Court has accepted an attorney's consent to disbarment.

WJHL News 11 reported on criminal charges in May 2020

A local assistant district attorney has been charged with bribery.

William McManus with the First Judicial District Attorney General’s Office was arrested in a sting operation Thursday following an investigation by the district attorney’s office and federal agents.

The First Judicial District includes Washington, Unicoi, Carter, and Johnson counties.

“Information was received a few weeks ago concerning the possibility of Mr. McManus’ involvement with illegal activity concerning a prostitute,” said District Attorney Ken Baldwin in a news release. “Based on this information, I immediately contacted my investigators and initiated an investigation, which resulted in the arrest today of Mr. McManus and the termination of his employment at the time of his arrest.”

Baldwin says he has requested a pro-tem prosecutor for the case since McManus worked for the district attorney’s office and it was the district attorney’s office that initiated the investigation.

“It is not appropriate to be the prosecutor in this case, based on the fact, that I initiated the investigation and the defendant was a prosecutor at the time of the arrest,” Baldwin stated. “By removing the District Attorney’s Office from this matter, it avoids any ethical issues that may arise, as well as, the elimination of what someone may perceive as favoritism.”

The investigation is ongoing.

As did WVLT here

Officials said a Tennessee assistant district attorney was arrested after being accused of discussing reducing criminal charges of defendants in exchange for sexual favors.

William McManus appeared in Washington County General Sessions Court after being charged with bribery of a public servant.

Investigators said they saw McManus arrive at the home of a female defendant who was facing charges.

According to reports, while McManus was at the home, investigators from multiple agencies were able to monitor and record a conversation between McManus and the defendant, who agreed to cooperate with investigators as an informant.

Investigators said McManus made numerous sexual advances toward the informant.

Court documents said McManus then made plans to meet back at the home later that day, and agents monitored his movements on the way to the home.

When McManus arrived back at the home district attorney investigators and FBI agents confronted McManus and read him his Miranda warning.

Johnson City FBI said McManus admitted that he had been involved in a sexual relationship with the informant.

McManus told investigators he had led the woman and other individuals to believe he could assist them in reducing their charges if they would give him sexual favors.

McManus was arrested and his bond is set at $10,000.

News Break reported that he was terminated shortly after the arrest. (Mike Frisch)

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