Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Falsifications Draw Suspension

The South Carolina Supreme Court has imposed a three year suspension for billing misconduct

Respondent fell behind on his billable hours and started falsifying his time. In addition, Respondent was not always truthful with clients regarding their cases in an attempt to cover for his uncompleted work. Respondent also made false reports on his expense reports. Specifically, Respondent altered hotel bills and flight bills  and received reimbursement for trips that were not made and client dinners that did not actually occur. Respondent submitted false expenses approximately twenty five times for a total amount in excess of $5,000. The exact amount of falsely billed time exceeded thirty-five hours.

Credit for time served on interim suspension

We find Respondent's misconduct warrants a definite suspension from the practice of law in this state. Accordingly, we accept the Agreement and suspended Respondent for a period of three (3) years, retroactive to the date of his interim suspension.

(MIke Frisch)

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