Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Illinois Sanctions Imposed

The Illinois Supreme Court announced dispositions of a number of bar discipline decisions including

In re GARY BRUCE FRIEDMAN, Attorney Number 883204
200 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2750
Chicago, Illinois 60601-1053

File Information: M.R. 30145, 2018PR00101

Mr. Friedman, who was licensed in 1973, was censured. After learning of his personal injury client’s death in June 2016, Mr. Friedman negotiated a settlement with the other party’s insurance company without disclosing that his client had died. Respondent then directed the deceased client’s grandson to sign the client’s name to a release and submitted it to the insurance company.

In re ANTHONY RAY JOHNSON, Attorney Number 6211234
101 1st Avenue, West
Newton, Iowa 50208-3744

File Information: M.R. 30091, 2019PR00090

Mr. Johnson was licensed in Illinois in 1992 and in Iowa in 2007. The Supreme Court of Iowa revoked his license for embezzling $26,247.93 from his employer. The Supreme Court of Illinois imposed reciprocal discipline and disbarred him.

Attorney Number 3124587
3302 41st Street
Moline, Illinois 61265-7830

File Information: M.R. 30074, 2017PR00083

Mr. Long, who was licensed in 1979, was suspended for 60 days and until he makes restitution of $13,500 to a client’s heirs. He agreed to represent five clients in applying for Medicaid benefits and had those clients’ agents sign promissory notes agreeing to pay his fee upon the future sale of his clients’ homes, along with mortgages on the clients’ homes to secure payment of the promissory notes, without advising his clients or their agents of their right to obtain independent legal advice about the transactions. He also represented two clients’ estates in probate proceedings despite holding mortgages on the clients’ homes, and he collected a $15,000 fee from one client who died before he performed any significant legal services for her. The suspension is effective on February 7, 2020. 

In re GUY NORMAN MARAS, Attorney Number 6229776
140 South Dearborn Street, 7th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60603-5225

File Information: M.R. 30135, 2019PR00037

Mr. Maras, who was licensed in 1995, was suspended from the practice of law for three years and until further order of the Court, with the suspension stayed after six months by a three-year period of probation subject to conditions, arising out of his conviction of homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle. His criminal conduct involved his consuming alcohol, driving his vehicle at a high rate of speed, and driving off the roadway and hitting a tree stump, causing the ejection and death of his passenger in Michigan.  The suspension is on February 7, 2020.

In re WILLIAM LEONARD MILLER, Attorney Number 6212228
818 Olive Street, Suite 1230
St. Louis, Missouri 63101-1504

File Information: M.R. 30095, 2019PR00092

Mr. Miller was licensed in Missouri in 1992 and in Illinois in 1993. The Supreme Court of Missouri disbarred him following his plea of guilty in federal court to the offense of aiding and abetting another in devising and participating in a scheme to defraud the citizens of St. Louis County, Missouri, of their right to honest services. Mr. Miller used his position as Chief of Staff to the St. Louis County Executive to aid and abet that executive in enriching himself through soliciting and accepting political donations from individuals and companies in exchange for favorable action. The Supreme Court of Illinois imposed reciprocal discipline and disbarred him in Illinois. The County Executive, who was also an attorney in both Illinois and Missouri, was also disbarred in both States.

(Mike Frisch)


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