Friday, July 19, 2019

Arson A Crime Of Moral Turpitude

A felony arson conviction involves moral turpitude and has resulted in summary disbarment as proposed  by the California State Bar Court Review Department.

Other crimes

Since we have not classified Thomason’s 12 other convictions as involving moral turpitude, we do not include them to justify his summary disbarment. However, to present a complete record of Thomason’s criminal convictions, we list them here for reference. Thomason was convicted of the following felonies: two counts of section 71 (threatening a public officer), one count of section 29815 (unlawful firearm activity), two counts of section 69 (resisting an executive officer), two counts of section 422 (criminal threats) one count of section 30305, subdivision (a)(l) (possession of ammunition by prohibited person), and two counts of section 594, subdivision (a) (vandalism over $400 damage). Thomason was also convicted of the following misdemeanors: one count of section 417, subdivision (a)(2) (drawing or exhibiting a firearm), and one count of section 594, subdivision (a) (vandalism under $400 damage).

(Mike Frisch)

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