Friday, April 19, 2019

Consent Disbarment After Manslaughter Plea

Another Arizona disbarment by consent

KOLD News 13 reported

Judge Teresa Godoy explained to a packed courtroom Monday morning that the sentence handed down to a defendant does not reflect the loss suffered when a crime is committed, but loved ones of Rosalia Gilbert couldn’t help but feel that way when they heard ten and a half years.

That was the sentence for Christopher Raboin, a former attorney in Tucson who pleaded guilty to manslaughter for Gilber’s death in November 2015.

Raboin and Gilbert were a couple. First responders found her dead in her home near Prince Road and Tucson Boulevard. Sheriff’s deputies pulled a pit maneuver to stop him from driving away in her vehicle.

Court documents state Gilbert, 46, was bludgeoned and strangled to death. Raboin was originally booked into the Pima County Jail for second-degree murder.

Judge Godoy stated that she received dozens of letters of support both Gilbert and Raboin leading up to Monday morning’s sentencing.

Raboin’s time served will count towards his 10.5 year sentence. The length of time is what Raboin’s attorney requested from the judge. Prosecutors and Gilbert’s loved ones from out of state asked for more.

Her mother, Vilma Klein, was the first to share a statement Monday in the courtroom. She described her daughter as her best friend and that she’s cried every day since losing her.

Klein said it was funny because she believed Raboin deserved to serve more time for what happened, but she ultimately expected the 10.5 year sentence.

Gilbert’s brother Bernardo Caceres, who lives in California, said Monday outside of court that justice wasn’t served. He said he would pray for the people of Arizona, where he believes the justice system is flawed. He said there is no closure.

“It is a new beginning of a life without her, a sad life without her,” said Caceres. “There isn’t a day that I haven’t thought about her.”When Raboin turned to the family to apologize for what had happened, Gilbert’s other brother flipped him off. Raboin said he takes full responsibility and that what happened to Gilbert was absolutely horrific.

Raboin’s attorney reminded the judge that he has no prior allegations of domestic violence and no felony convictions. He stated Raboin has a history of sleep terrors, which he described as worse than bad dreams and more like an unconscious attack that he was unaware was happening.

The University of Arizona School of Anthropology remembered the victim. (Mike Frisch)

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