Tuesday, September 11, 2018

New Charges Against Larry Klayman

The District of Columbia Disciplinary Counsel has filed new charges against Larry Klayman.

The allegations involve Klayman's pro hac vice petition to represent Cliven Bundy in Nevada and a Bivens action he filed in Nevada against Chief Judge Gloria Navarro, Senator Harry Reid and President Obama among others.

The allegations set forth the procedural history of a complaint brought against him in the District of Columbia by his former client Judicial Watch.

At the time he sought pro hac admission in the Bundy case, a District of Columbia Hearing Committee had conducted a plenary hearing, taken testimony and made a "preliminary, non-binding" fiding of at lease one ethical violation. Such a finding allows the committee to hear evidence of prior discipline.

The District Court found he had made "misleading and incomplete" disclosures about his disciplinary history. The motion for admission (and a supplemental motion) were denied. 

The Bivens action was brought against the judge who had denied the pro hac petition. He vigorously (and, the complaint alleges) frivolously litigated a series of mandamus actions in the Ninth Circuit and in turn sought review by the United States Supreme Court.

Klayman claimed that the author of the orders (Circuit Judge Jay Bybee) of first two denied mandamus petitions made false allrgations about him. He further alleged judicial bias in relationships between Judges Navarro and Bybee as well as between Judge Bybee and Senator Reid. 

The petition alleges that he engaged in frivolous conduct, made a false statement of fact (or failed to correct such a statement) to a tribunal, violated his obligations in his application and supplemental application for pro hac Nevade federal court admission, and violated provisions of Rule 8.4. (Mike Frisch)


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