Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Contempt Draws Extension Of Suspension Order

Practicing while suspended drew an extension of that suspension and a fine from the Indiana Supreme Court

The Commission filed a “Verified Petition for Rule to Show Cause” against Respondent on May 3, 2018, asserting Respondent practiced law in this state and held himself out as an attorney while suspended. Specifically, the Commission alleges that in February 2018, Respondent contacted the office of opposing counsel in “Case 1,” indicated he soon
would be entering an appearance in Case 1, and asked if opposing counsel would object to a continuance. Opposing counsel pointed out that Respondent was suspended. The Commission further alleges that in March 2018, Respondent contacted opposing counsel in “Case 2” advising that Respondent would not be able to attend a hearing the following day and expressing Respondent’s desire to settle the case. When opposing counsel pointed out that Respondent was suspended, Respondent argued with opposing counsel about the merits of the case, again urged a settlement, threatened to sue both opposing counsel and the opposing party if they continued to prosecute Case 2, and threatened opposing counsel with a suspension that would be worse than Respondent’s suspension.

He was found in contempt of the suspension order and fined $750.


the Court orders that the minimum length of Respondent’s current suspension from the practice of law in this state be extended and that Respondent remain suspended for a period of not less than two years, without automatic reinstatement, effective from the date of this opinion.

The earlier order is linked here. (Mike Frisch)

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