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From the June 2018 California Bar Journal

On May 23, 2018, the Supreme Court issued a new California Rule of Court effective June 1, 2018, which will require most active California attorneys to be re-fingerprinted. The State Bar will release instructions, FAQs, mandatory re-fingerprinting forms, a schedule, and other relevant information on June 1. Attorneys should not undergo re-fingerprinting until this information is released on June 1. The deadline to submit new fingerprints without penalty will be April 30, 2019.

For the past 30 years the State Bar has been statutorily required to receive notification of subsequent arrests and convictions from the California Department of Justice (DOJ). Until last year, the State Bar was out of compliance with this statutory mandate. The only way for the State Bar to come fully into compliance is to re-fingerprint licensed attorneys. Although attorneys were fingerprinted at the time of admission to the State Bar, unfortunately, neither the Bar nor the DOJ retained those fingerprints for future notification services. We apologize for our previous failure to comply with a statutory mandate, and for any inconvenience that may result from the re-fingerprinting attorneys will need to undergo. However this is a new State Bar focused on regulation and public protection. This Rule of Court enables statutory compliance and reflects the State Bar’s commitment to protecting the public.

Email notifications with more detailed instructions will begin going out June 1 on a rolling basis until early August. Any attorney can begin the re-fingerprinting process starting on June 1 by logging into their My State Bar Profileeven if they have not received an email on that date.

The State Bar’s instructions will include information about Live Scan locations throughout the state, as well as fingerprint card information for out-of-state and out-of-country California attorneys, and requirements for attorneys authorized to practice in California under the State Bar’s multi-jurisdictional practice rules.

See the State Bar's Fingerprinting Rule Requirements instructions

See the order from the Court

See the submission to the Court from the State Bar

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