Thursday, June 7, 2018

D.C. Bar Becoming Far More Transparent

As I have mentioned previously, the new leadership at the District of Columbia Bar, Disciplinary Counsel and the Board on Professional Responsibility (all of whom replaced longtime prior leadership who were unworthy of  public trust and lasted well beyond their respective expiration dates) show every sign of a commitment to transparency and professionalism sadly lacking in the past.

I see no better harbinger of things to come than the information found at this link.

As the D.C. Bar continues to prioritize member engagement, we are now offering greater access to our leaders’ work with live streaming from our Board of Governors meetings. Listen to one of our upcoming meetings. 

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The new leadership at Disciplinary Counsel actually does something the prior "award winning" administration eschewed - actually working on and supervising investigations and prosecutions.

The era of the 7-10 year" investigation" is over and the Augean stables are being cleaned.

At the Board on Professional Responsibility, charges no longer gather dust waiting to be reviewed and approved. 

Bravo. Let the sunshine in. (Mike Frisch)

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