Saturday, April 21, 2018

Facebook Posts Lead To Arrest And Suspension

The Tennessee Supreme Court has imposed a two year suspension with a 30-days of active suspension followed by probation  of an attorney who was granted judicial diversion on charges of patronizing a prostitute.

The summary of the Board of Professional Responsibility also notes that he made inappropriate remarks to a client's wife.

The Cookeville Herald-Citizen   reported on the arrest

A Facebook conversation has led to the citation of a Cookeville attorney for reportedly patronizing prostitution from a local woman.

Attorney Jaramiah Hruska was issued the citation yesterday, and local woman Melissa McClanahan was issued a citation for prostitution in the incident as well.

According to reports from the Cookeville Police Department, investigators were alerted to the possibility based on incriminating Facebook conversations between the two.

“The messages contained language that indicated they were attempting to find a location ... so they could engage in the sex act,” said Det. Sgt. Bobby Anderson, who investigated the incident and issued the citations to the two.

The incident allegedly happened earlier this month, on July 6, in Hruska’s law office, located here in Cookeville at 320 E. Broad St.

According to information obtained in the Cookeville Police Department’s investigation, McClanahan had become acquainted with Hruska because the two were once neighbors.

Also according to the report, “Hruska knew that she was in need of financial help, and he approached her offering money for sex.”

Hruska reportedly told investigators that he had known McClanahan for a long time and that he had loaned her money on past occasions, but he initially denied paying her to perform sexual acts.

He reportedly did admit to having sexual intercourse with her one time, however.

The attorney reportedly later admitted to authorities that he and the woman had “an understanding” regarding the transaction of sex for money, and that the incident happened in early July, as the record of the Facebook conversations originally discovered by investigators indicate.

Hruska and McClanahan are both scheduled to appear in Putnam County General Sessions for their respective citations on Aug. 24.

The charges are class A misdemeanors.

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