Monday, April 23, 2018

Sex And Suspension: Ohio Has An Outbreak

The Ohio Board of Professional Conduct has filed a report (linked here)  proposing a consent two-year suspension of an attorney.

He was convicted on an Alford plea to soliciting. 

In an unrelated matter he had sexual relations with a domestic relations client. The stipulation provides that the relationship was "legal and consensual" and did not impact negatively on the underlying case.

Another report involves a proposed fully-stayed six-month suspension. 

The attorney represented the husband and wife in a bankruptcy proceeding and had sex with the wife. He also failed to escrow the fee and mishandled the matter.

They had "sexted" with each other and had law office intercourse.

The husband found out and both the affair and the representation promptly terminated.

Still another report recommends a two-year suspension with only six-months stayed and conditions for reinstatement  for sex and neglect( Mike Frisch)

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They sexted with each other and had "law office intercourse", as opposed to "law library intercourse", "courthouse intercourse". . . ?

Posted by: Elizabeth Quinlan | Apr 24, 2018 7:24:44 AM

Historically, I am astounded at the leniency shown Ohio lawyers who sex perp clients. Even these sanctions seem inadequate to the harm done. Clients in these relationships are vulnerable and despairing--victimizing them in this way seems to me the lowest of the low; worse than even probate attorneys who steal from guardianship estates since those are bonded and Ohio maintains a client security fund.

Posted by: William Crosby | Apr 24, 2018 7:28:22 AM

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