Friday, January 12, 2018

A Worthy Addition To The District Of Columbia Bar

An order entered yesterday by the District of Columbia Court of Appeals

No. 17-BG-1437



BEFORE: Glickman and Thompson, Associate Judges; and Steadman. Senior Judge.


On consideration of the findings of fact, conclusions of law, and recommendation of the Committee on Admissions, and the record, it is

ORDERED that the applicant’s application for admission to the District of Columbia Bar is granted and the Committee on Admissions shall certify the applicant for admission to the District of Columbia Bar.

Shon's story - told on 60 Minutes, in his published autobiography Law Man, the New York Times, Washington Journal,  NPR and elsewhere - of his journey from convicted bank robber to respected advocate and law professor - has been recounted elsewhere.

I am honored to have represented Shon in this matter.

On a personal note, the participation of Senior Judge John Steadman carries a deep meaning for me.

Judge Steadman came to the Court as a Georgetown Law professor who had taught when I was a student there in the early 1970s. He joined the court shortly after I took the job of Assistant Bar Counsel in 1984.

One of the benefits of being an Assistant Bar Counsel (if one takes the job seriously) is the frequency of arguments before the Court. 

I suspect that I argued 35 or more disciplinary cases before Judge Steadman. I revere and respect him on a par with any appellate jurist I have ever appeared before.

There were giants in my days - the names of Judges Pryor, Belson, Mack and Schwelb come to mind - but given Shon and my Georgetown connections, having Judge Steadman on this order is sublime justice. (Mike Frisch)

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