Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sex Drugs And Unauthorized Practice

An attorney who was arrested in September 2009 when a law enforcement officer "observed [her] exiting a vehicle with a needle sticking out of her forearm and observed blood tricking down her arm" and thereafter was a fugitive from the charges should be disbarred, according to a recent recommendation of a Louisiana Hearing Committee.

There were also a speeding charge in 2010 and a drug related arrest in 2013. She failed to appear in both matters.

She practiced after her 2010 administrative suspension. 

Finally, during the course of her representation of a husband and wife in their corporate farming business, she had sexual relations with the husband and "introduced him into the drug culture in which [she] was engaged."

This led to the husband's "acrimonious" divorce. 

The attorney defaulted on the disciplinary charges. (Mike Frisch)

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