Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Bicycle Incident

The web page of the Ohio Supreme Court notes that seven reports in disciplinary cases have been filed with the court.

One case from the Board on Professional Conduct involves an unusual incident of road rage between an attorney and a bicyclist, referred to as The Bicycle Incident in the report.

The attorney apparently concluded that the bicyclist had impacted with his automobile. He tailgated and the pulled in front of the bicyclist, suddenly hit the brakes and caused a collision as a result.

The incident attracted the attention the attention of two witnesses. One was a medical doctor who stopped and started videotaping the attorney's in-your-face post-collision behavior toward the cyclist. The attorney moved his car, returned on foot, and began an altercation with the doctor.

The second witness tried to break it up. The doctor's video device fell to the ground and was stomped on by the attorney.

Criminal charges led to a no contest plea to misdemeanor criminal damaging and a 90-day stayed jail sentence.

The doctor sued the attorney and settled for $5,000.

The attorney was alleged to have failed to cooperate in the bar investigation but had been hospitalized as a result of an accident on the Ohio Turnpike. The board found insufficient evidence of the charge.

The attorney was found to have falsely described The Bicycle Incident in the civil litigation and the bar proceedings. 

 The board recommends a two-year suspension with one year stayed on conditions. (Mike Frisch)

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