Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Watergate Memories

From the July 2017 report of the North Carolina Office of Counsel on litigation brought by a prominent attorney against the State Bar

Eugene Boyce v. NC State Bar (Wake County Superior Court). Boyce alleges that he filed a grievance against Roy Cooper for conduct that allegedly occurred in 2000 when Cooper was a candidate running against Boyce’s son to become Attorney General of North Carolina. He seeks declaratory judgments that (1) the State Bar has a conflict in handling the grievance because the Attorney General represents the State Bar in various lawsuits and (2) the State Bar is obliged by law to refer the grievance to the courts for investigation and disciplinary action and an award of costs. The court dismissed the complaint. Boyce appealed to the North Carolina Court of Appeals. Oral argument was held on February 7. The State Bar was represented by Parker Poe Adams and Bernstein in the trial court but is represented by the OOC on appeal.

Carolina Journal reported on the litigation.

I worked with Mr. Boyce at the Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities, popularly known as the Ervin Committee or the Watergate Committee.

His Watergate memories are linked here. There are some good (and generally accurate) stories. He discusses the cutting-edge use of computers by the committee, which involved the inputting of information by me and the other research assistants. 

My own Watergate memoirs are a work in progress but it is undeniable that my second year law summer as a research assistant had a dramatic impact on my career.

I was recently reminded of a panel that I participated in at Georgetown Law in 1999 on the Watergate affair. 

Sam Dash wanted the story of the work of the research assistants told and invited me to participate. The panel was Sam, John Dean, Charles Shaffer (John's lawyer), Bob Muse and me.

Two years later, I started as a Georgetown adjunct professor. 

I have no doubt that the panel and my relationship with Sam played an instrumental role in my 2001 appointment as Ethics Counsel. (Mike Frisch)

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