Thursday, October 5, 2017

Fallen Angel

Ohio Disciplinary Counsel has filed a complaint alleging serious neglect of several criminal matters on the part of the accused attorney.

While the recited factual averments tell a number of sad tales of client abuse, one allegation in particular caught my eye in describing the initial office meeting with the incarcerated client's relatives.

In respondent's office, there was a large statue of an angel holding a spear and standing with its foot on the head of the devil. Respondent told [the client's family members] that the angel who fights the devil and evil doers on behalf of his clients.

Another count refers to an office statue of a winged angel.

An unrelated complaint involves allegation that a juvenile court magistrate falsely claimed to be working a 40-hour week.

The recent improvements that the Ohio Board of Professional Conduct undertook to provide easy access to pending charges are a model for other jurisdictions to follow.

If the above links do not work, the first case is In re Michael Cheselka. The second is In re Charles Wochna. (Mike Frisch)

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