Friday, October 7, 2016

Ad for Louisiana US Senate Race Takes a Right-Hand Turn You Don't See Coming

I saw a TV ad yesterday in our local U.S. Senate race that made me do a literal double-take. I recognize this blog is not really for politics, so please forgive me for deflecting from another Ohio discipline case involving exotic dancers (wait--maybe that does relate to our senate race in some way). I should qualify it by noting that this candidate is not the worst we have on our local airwaves right now, just the one with an ad I feel like sharing. I'm not posting the ones where other candidates essentially fight over how much they hate the President and who is impeaching the IRS Commissioner. And even they are better than candidate David Duke, if you recognize the name (some people forget). Anyway, it's the ad (currently) at the top labeled "...Conservative for Louisiana." Don't be afraid that by clicking on his site you'd be supporting his candidacy in some The Google way. I assure you he's not at all as bad as many of the 16 others.

In other political info I want to share, my son Steven works for a tech company that (inter alia) runs a tracking poll for the U.S. Presidential race (in a project with The Times Picayune newspaper). It's actually pretty amazing what their methodology is. New results tend to show up at noon central each day. I click on it a lot. I am suffering pre-PTSD for the election.

(Alan Childress)

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