Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Suspended For Sexting

A Single Justice of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court has ordered the suspension of an attorney

The Rule 24 motion is based on information-which is undisputed-that over a period of time, Attorney Letourneau sent unwanted text messages, photographs, and video images of a graphically sexual nature to a client whom he represented in several criminal cases. The client ultimately sought legal advice from a different attorney, who then both assumed representation of her in at least some of the cases where Attorney Letourneau had been counsel of record, and, in June, reported the matter to the Board. I infer that the report, which led to Bar Counsel's investigation of the matter, has triggered an administrative disciplinary proceeding under Bar R. 13 and related provisions.

Attorney Letourneau, through counsel, admits most or all of the conduct that underlies the Board's motion and does not argue that his conduct falls short of constituting violations of the Maine Rules of Professional Conduct. The present record supports the conclusion that he has violated several Rules, including Rules 1.7, 1.16, and 8.4.

The attorney had been suspended for six months in 2010. (Mike Frisch)


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