Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Way With Words

A North Carolina attorney has been charged with ethics violations in three counts, the last of which is worthy of note.

The attorney is alleged to have filed a civil complaint on behalf of a client, responded to a motion to dismiss and handled an appeal to the state Court of Appeals.

He is alleged to have made a number of statements in the pleadings, accusing the court of "overwhelming incompetence and ignorance... I felt just as I imagine I would have over a century ago arguing to said court that slavery was bad labor relations policy... [the court showed] a stubborn arrogance and ignorance...[a judge] literally threw a temper tantrum...As I felt like I was attempting to teach physics to a class of unruly third graders."

In another brief: "the lack of intellectual functioning and overt partiality of this panel...being readily apparent but, acting like mentally challenged cheerleaders, knowing they wanted to motivate their team to victory, but not sure how to accomplish the goal... [the judge] was assuming the role of 'house negro' for purposes of this matter...Sounding more like 'Beaver Cleaver' than any person has a right to..."

And another brief: "the instant panel will glad [sic] play thee [sic] blind mice and [Judge] will serve the historical role played by Monica Lewinsky for President Clinton for the current governor of North Carolina... if these judges are intent upon making the [court] a literal 'whippin boy' for special interests, they are welcome to kiss my red white and blue American male ass."

(Mike Frisch)

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Some courts need to heed words like those written here.

Posted by: Robert Griffey | Nov 9, 2015 7:45:35 AM

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