Thursday, April 23, 2015

No Sense Of Irony

I have just returned from the oral argument before the District of Columbia Board on Professional Responsibility in a case on which I previously have blogged.

The case is In re Rohde and it is notable in that the hearing committee filed its "report" (due by rule 120 days after the record closes) over seven years after the hearing was held.

I believe that this is the most flagrant and inexcusable delay in D.C. Bar discipline history, allowing a convicted felon to practice law for all those years while the committee "deliberated."

The most amusing moment was when Assistant Bar Counsel Joe Bowman was asked by a BPR member why the hearing committee took so long.

He gave the proper answer - he had no idea.

My answer?

The delay was caused by the gross inefficiency of a system run by the Executive Office of the BPR and the hearing committees that are selected, trained and advised by that office.

The delay was caused by "responsible" officials entrusted with public duties who do not care a whit about efficiency or the public interest.

The BPR can find the answer to this important question by looking carefully in a mirror. (Mike Frisch)

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