Wednesday, January 28, 2015

No Hot Tub But Hot Water

I have blogged recently on the subject of online public access to information about bar disciplinary hearings.

The Ohio Supreme Court has a nice feature - in its online listing of scheduled hearings, the reader can link to the disciplinary charges.

This recent charge caught my eye.

The client was arrested on charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated. The attorney entered his appearance as counsel in the criminal case.

 The Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association alleges that the attorney met with the client and her boyfriend. At the meeting, he called the client his "beautiful Irish girl" and told her he would resolve the case with a fine and no jail time.

The bar further alleges that he then called the client to ask if she was serious about the boyfriend and called her  "my sexy Irish girl."

He also allegedly repeatedly asked her to get into a hot tub with him.

The attorney had the case continued five times. The client became concerned that he was delaying things on purpose.

After an AA counselor accused the client of mixing Vicodin with alcohol, she called the attorney. He allegedly responded to the situation by again asking her to dine with him.

Her response

I don't want to go to f***ing dinner. I want you to take care of this. I paid you the f***ing money and I want you to take care of it.

The sexual solicitation ended after this incident.

The client entered a guilty plea ("against her better judgment") and appeared for sentencing. The attorney failed to show up for the sentencing.

When the court asked the client if she expected him to appear, she replied:

No. I've got a problem with him. He's been doing nothing but trying to get in my pants. I paid him $1,000 and he's doing nothing but messing with me, so--

The judge vacated the plea, appointed a public defender and told the client to report her concerns to the bar. Although she was initially reluctant, she eventually filed the bar complaint. (Mike Frisch)

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