Monday, November 3, 2014

Fit To Be Tied

The story of the attorney who the District of Columbia Board on Professional Responsibility deemed to be fit to practice gets worse and worse.

I now learn that the attorney was recently prosecuted for ethical violations in two other matters by the Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission (Misc. Petition Nos. 29034, 29262) and failed to participate in the ensuing disciplinary proceedings.

According to a public report filed on January 24, 2014, Judge Cynthia Callahan of the Montgomery County Circuit Court found numerous ethics violations and noted

Respondent's disregard for the lawful disciplinary process established by the Court of Appeals, previously manifested in his failure to respond to Bar Counsel's letters, continued at this level of the disciplinary process when Respondent failed to appear in court for the scheduled pretrial conference on December 2, 2013 and for the judicial hearing on December 16, 2013.

Also noteworthy is that Judge Callahan got her report out (with intervening holidays) in just over a month.

Oral argument before the Maryland Court of Appeals will be held next week.

In the D.C. case, the hearing committee took about thirteen months to issue a report (actually not too bad given the delay in other cases). It then took the BPR another thirteen months to issue its report. Two years of discipline-free practice.

Now, the D.C. BPR report will likely get lost in the backwash of reciprocal discipline from Maryland.

That is a death it richly deserves. (Mike Frisch)

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